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VIPIR 3-in-1 Pretreatment System for Metal Surfaces

Ideal for metal surface preparation
The modular VIPIR (Vertical Pressure Island with Rinse) and the integrated PIR (Pressure Island with Rinse) three-in-one pretreatment systems clean, phosphatize, and rinse in one machine. These systems are ideal for painting or powder coating pretreatment applications and other metal surface applications. Customers save money on labor, water use and chemical use versus hand wiping metal parts prior to painting or powder coating. The VIPIR wash system can also be integrated with existing wash pads.


  • Ideal for batch powder and surface coating preparation of parts
  • Clean, Phosphatize and Rinse all in one machine
  • Heated, high pressure aqueous spray
  • Potentially eliminate sewer discharge
  • Automated chemical injection into wash tank controlled by a programmable logic controller
  • High weight bearing pad
  • Low profile step-up deck height
  • Fully closed-loop system with the addition of an evaporator

  • Clean manufacturing oils, greases, carbon and filings
  • Pre-treat surface with chemistry to provide superior surface for coating adhesion
  • Rinse with fresh water

VIPIR Specifications
Material of Construction Stainless steel frame and base, stainless steel process tank, black anodized aluminum extrusion posts, polyproylene/polycarbonate sidewalls Load Capacity
(6x12 VIPIR wash Pad)
200 lbs per square foot
(max 1,000 lbs)
Material Finish Stainless Steel Reservoir Capacity 55 gallons
Foot Print Dimensions VIPIR: 3 'x 7.5' Pad: 6 'x 12'
System: 2' x 5' Sump: 1' x 2.5'
Pumps 1,000 psi wash pump
Submersible sump pumps
Work Area Dimensions 5'10" x 11'10" Standard Filter 10-micron, 8" x 30" filter housing
Wall Height 6' Standard
Custom height available upon request
Floor Decking 16-gauge (1/16") stainless steel
and fiberglass grate
Approximate Weight System 500 lbs Pad: 800 lbs (1,300 lbs total) Electrical Req's All options available

The VIPIR provides chemical savings through:
  • Programmable logic control of a water inlet flow meter and peristaltic pump for adjusting and controlling the volume of chemical injection.
  • The capability of the system's wash tank to remain at a consistent ration of chemistry to water for a much longer duratino of continual re-use. This is a result of the rinse water not diluting the wash tank and programmable automated chemical injection.

The VIPIR provides ease of use through:
  • Adjustable PLC controlled functions for adapting to the operational needs of the end user to keep any cleaning operation running at peak efficiency.
  • Built-in safety features that protect the operator and the components of the machine, including:
    -water level control that ensure the machine only functions when there is sufficient water to cover the heating element and to supply the pressure pump
    -machine shutdown when filter needs cleaning
    -machine shutdown if an electrical overload occurs

The VIPIR provides water and engery savings through:
  • Pressureized fresh water that rinses parts faster and with less water
  • A small wash tank that requires less water
  • The use of a highly efficent heating element within a small tank

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