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The HPIR System

Clean, phosphatize and rinse all in one machine This easy-to-operate system reduces labor, chemical and resource costs, while increasing pretreatment quality. Separate wash and rinse tanks enable the system to remain at a consistent ratio of chemistry-to-water for a much longer duration and for continual re-use of wash water.

The three sided walls and low deck allow for easy access so that large parts fit easily with a forklift.


  • Aboveground technology that contains wash water
  • Chemical, water and energy savings through an efficient design
  • Heated, high-pressure aqueous spray for cleaning and pre-treating
  • Closed-loop option eliminates sewer discharge
  • Chemically compatible construction
  • Large, open surface area for easy loading
  • The simple straight forward PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) allows you to program for peak efficiency
  • Built-in safety features that protect the operator and the components of the machine, including:
    • water level control that ensures the machine only functions when there is sufficient water to cover the heating element and to supply the pressure pump
    • machine shutdown when filter is full
    • machine shutdown in the event of an electrical overload
  • The PIR is portable with a forklift

  • Industrial Washing
  • Die Stamping
  • Metal Pretreatment

  • Three pad size: 6' x 6', 6' x 12', 6' x 18'
  • Walls: 6'
  • Load capacity:
    • 200 lbs per square foot
    • maximum 1,000 lbs
    • 400 lbs per square foot option (maximum 1,500 lbs)
  • Reservoir: 55 gallons
  • Standard filters: 10-mircon 8" x 30" filter housing
  • Floor decking: 16 gauge (1/16) fiberglass grate
  • Power requirements: 480 VAC, three phase, 3 wire, 60-amps
  • Materials: Stainless steel frame and process tank. Anodized aluminum extrusion posts. Polypropylene/polycarbonate sidewalls. Powered coating finish.
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