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BioRack Bioremediation System

Perfect solution for heavy oils and grease
The BioRack wash water treatment system allows you to wash, rinse and remediate water all in one system. The system actually breaks down oil and grease molecules by converting them to carbon dioxide and water using fixed film bacteria.


  • Microbes that convert organic pollutants to water and carbon dioxide gas
  • Treated wash water for reuse at 70 psi
  • Closed-loop wash water recycling system
  • Constructed of marine-grade aluminum
  • Solids separator to pre-filter solids

Typical Applications Include:
  • Tool rental shops
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction equipment
  • Repair shops
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Die washing
  • Agricultural industry

The BioRack system is available in three sizes to handle various volumes of wash water.

  • BioRack 2 Hose System- This system processes approximately 2,500 gallons per day and is best suited for light to medium solids applications  
  • BioRack 3 Hose System—This system processes approximately 3,800 gallons per day and is best suited for medium solids applications.
  • BioRack 4-6 Hose System—This system processes approximately 6,100 gallsons per day and is best suited for heavy solids applications.
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