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What our customers have to say:

"We looked at Pressure Island for several years and when we decided to start a powder coating operation, we know who to call," said Larry Faux, vice president of Columbus Production. "We're transitioning more and more to the powder coating business. It is a lot friendlier to the environment."

Columbus Production Pretreatment Case Study

"The Pressure Island system offers quality control—a method to preset the same process every time," said Craig Mosher, manufacturing manager at Santa Cruz Bicycles. "Most bike manufacturers use wet paint. In Santa Cruz County, we have to be careful as the air quality board has strict regulations. With powder coating, we have no VOCs, plus it makes a more durable finish."

Santa Cruz Bicycles Pretreatment Case Study

"Pressure Island stood behind their product and that means a lot to me," said Dean Toth, president of Advanced Powder Coating. "There isn't a lot of that in the industry."

Advanced Powder Coating Pretreatment Case Study 

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