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The Drive-On Wash Pad–design your own wash pad

The Drive-On Wash Pad is ideal for large equipment and vehicle fleet washing. Build a wash pad that's just the right size for your needs.

Innovations in wash pads

Independent multiple leveling feet accommodate uneven ground, no shimming required.

Hemmed edge on walls eliminate sharp edges, and creates a thicker rigid wall for safety

This detail shows the curved wall as it meets the deck. This key feature, directs water back towards the gutter preventing seepage, a true self-contained wash pad.

Drive-On Wash Pads can be combined to create a pad up to a total width of 14 feet, 4 inches and 24 feet long. Each gutter is 2 feet wide and 12 feet long. All Wash Pads have an option of a 2 or 4-foot wall to contain wash water and for a safer work environment. All products are constructed to resist corrosion for a long life expectancy. The aboveground pad design is easy to maintain, avoids soil and groundwater contamination, and is easy to install—permits usually not required.

There are over 90 configurations possible with our modular design. Below are the most common configurations. To ensure the best results for your business, call for an evaluation.

• This wash pad is ideal for large or small, wheeled equipment
• Collection trough is mounted on the side to protect it from damage
• Curved wall to prevent seepage
• Independent feet for better water runoff
• Hemmed wall edges for safety and structural support
• Tube frame chassis for better weight distribution

• Drive-On Pad: 7' 2'' x 12' constructed with steel tube perimeter frames and 1/4, 1/2 and
3/4 inch solid steel deck plate
• Walls: 2' or 4' wall height available (measured from the pad up), custom heights available
• Gutter: Each gutter is 2' wide x 12' long, low or high solids set-up available
• Steel Ramps: 6' wide x 6' long or 8' wide x 6' long available, both with a seven degree
(7) incline
• Aluminum Ramp: 6' wide x 4' long with a ten degree (10) incline

1/4 thickness

1/2 thickness

3/4 thickness

Capacity per pad

5,000 pounds

10,000 pounds

15,000 pounds

Loading per square foot

3,750 pounds

7,500 pounds

12,000 pounds

Loading per square inch

25 pounds

50 pounds

80 pounds

Remediation and recycling option available, check with your sales representative.
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