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The BioRack Wash Center for Golf—the BioRack uses cutting edge biotechnology for equipment washing water reuse. It's beyond an ordinary closed-loop equipment washing system.

Drive-On Cleaning Systems—for large equipment and vehicle fleet washing. The Drive-On pads are popular with large and small equipment rental stores, municipal transportation agencies and construction companies.

Metal Pretreatment Systems —for painting or powder coating pretreatment applications and other metal surface applications. The pretreatment systems are popular with the automotive manufacturing, over-hauling and salvage operations, as well as aircraft and industrial equipment manufacturers and re-manufacturers and many metal coatings operations.

Closed-Loop Biological Treatment— for remediating wash water that contains heavy oils and grease. The bioremediation systems are popular with auto parts salvage yards, oil field service companies, and turf management companies.

FAQ's Bioremediation

Small Parts Cleaning—for degreasing and for faster cleaning of parts, tools and dies. The Washbays serve equipment rental stores, die washers, industrial parts washers, and re-manufacturing companies.

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