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EZ Environmental Solutions Corp. helps businesses across America do all they can to keep from polluting the environment around them. Aside from the urgent obligation we all share to protect the environment, businesses come to us because they face increasingly strict regulations and the rising costs of repairing environmental damage.

We can help your company avoid the consequences of environmental contamination while saving you money. Our solutions both reduce the cost of your everyday cleaning operations and at the same time help your company stay safe environmentally.

Remediating pollution at its source is expensive and complex. When businesses discover pollution today they must go to its source, clean up the contaminants and physically prevent them from seeping through to groundwater tables, aquifers or other precious bodies of water.

At EZ Environmental Solutions, we believe it is far better, easier and less expensive to put measures in place to prevent pollution than to repair the damage after it has happened.

Our high-quality, self-contained cleaning systems enable all of your processes that use water to capture it and clean it for reuse. Through mechanical filtration and biological remediation technologies, these systems reduce or eliminate discharge of wastewater to the sewer. In addition, they clean any water that is eventually discharged.

These solutions can help you develop best business practices (BMPs) that will serve you well as you seek to protect and enhance the environment as well as the future of your company.

A Word from Our Company

EZ Environmental Solutions Corp. promotes responsible cleaning of industrial equipment and treatment for proper disposal of wash water. In this day and age, keeping pollution from industrial activity out of our nation's watersheds and ecosystems is a paramount concern. Remediation, after pollution has occurred, is expensive and complex. The current practice is to go to the origin of the pollution and prevent it from seeping through surface to the groundwater tables to aquifers or other precious bodies of water. The onus for preventing pollution is placed on the industrial operators of the world; requiring them to develop best management practices (BMPs) and procure technology that allows them to perform their industrial activity in a manner that does not adversely impact U.S. waters.

Mission Statement

EZ Environmental Solutions proudly provides environmentally friendly, self-contained cleaning solutions. Founded in 1996, EZ Environmental continues to adopt innovations in water recycling for a more conscientious cleaning solution, therefore saving customers money on water usage and wastewater disposal while also protecting the environment. EZ Environmental evaluates every site to ensure the best solution for every customer. We have six regional offices across the United States and hold 17 patents for cleaning wastewater treatment solutions.

Contact us at 495 Oak Road Ocala, FL 34472 • (800) 277-3279 or (352) 680-0400 Fax: (352) 680-9278

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